The key advantage that makes us unique from others

Advanced time tracking with screenshots

Infix HRMS provides detailed analytics and insights on how your employers spend their time during office hours. See screenshots of their computer screens all in one place. Our HRMS also allows employers to manage their work time and lets you see the projects they're assigned to.

Eliminate paper paychecks

Infix HRMS helps you eliminate every paper-based payroll process with its automatic payroll manager. You can easily manage the process of calculating taxes and salaries based on your requirements. lastly, just send the final amount to the appropriate agencies like banks or payment gateways.

Automated HR recruiting software

Recruitment and onboarding are one of the most important tasks and need the most attention in the HR department. Excellent recruitment processes don't happen naturally and can be hard to manage but with hard work and the right technology, they can be managed very easily.

Reduce interactions with HR

Instead of calling or talking with the HR department about routine tasks, your employees can simply login into their accounts to see their performance, request time off, and manage information regarding office time off, current benefits they have, and details of their current jobs.

Features that You Need to know about

Here's a roundup of all the essential features of the INFIX Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Good Performance

The INFIX HRMS has a very clean, responsive UI and high responsiveness which lets you manage your office very easily and effortlessly.

Highly Secure

The INFIX HRMS allows you to configure a backup of all employer information on the Cloud such as google drive and Dropbox. Making sure HRMS data never gets lost.


The INFIX HRMS application has a very lightweight system that puts less stress on your devices so that you can have a seamless experience using it.

Complete Package

The modules included in our complete solution

Learn more about our modules and bring out your business's full potential


Post daily updates, set reminders, and welcome new recruits for every members to see.


Get a graphical representation of Income, expenses, product sold, To-Do Lists and more.

Menu Manager

You can personalize menus and sub-menus or hide menus for a more pleasant experience.


The projects module lets you customize projects, create teams, and remotely assign teams to projects.


Personalize your company type, set up branches, send announcements to branches, and set up policies.

Human Resource

You can set up and manage staff and remotely review employees attendance history and screenshots.

Loan & Advance

Review and approve loan applications. See customized loan history, and save or print document from the dashboard.


You can Customize weekends, schedule break time, and set up personalized timetables for employees.


You can configure the leave types, and your employees can apply for leave. Finally, just accept or decline their request.


Configure a percentage based bonus system. See the customized bonus Sheet, you can save or print the bonus Sheets.

Income Tax

Configure percentage-based income tax and automatically generate income tax and review the income tax of your employees

Provident Fund

Configure percentage-based provident fund, setup and calculate increments and review increments for your employees, and more


Merge different enterprises with your company. Grant enterprises access by creating their unique usernames and passwords.


Customize payment grading system and set up monthly, daily, and hourly salary types. Download or Print pay slips and send them to payment gateways.


customize products/services for your business. You can give them unique product codes, selling price, brand name, quantity amounts etc


Merge different clients with your company. Grant them access by creating their unique clientID, vat number usernames and passwords.


Personalize your invoice templates, review your pending invoice list and update their status to paid or partially paid. Finally, download or print your invoices.


This module allows you to track accounts, profits, and expenses, see a detailed statement. You can download or print account statements.


You can set up an assessment period for your employees. You can track employee performance and setup promotions and increments


You can automate employee training by configuring this module. You can manage where they are going for training and for how long.


Automatically organize travel plans for your employees. You can define their mode of travel, place, and purpose of travel


You can easily set up appointments and select start date , times, meeting places, types and also add custom notes as well


Easily assign tasks remotely to your employees. You can select task priority and the team to which the task is assigned.


You can manage the full recruitment process with this module, things like setting up job posts, inviting candidates, and confirming jobs


Send customized emails/SMS to all or selected employees like departments, branches, companies, and users. You can schedule emails/SMS.


You should receive all business mail in this module if you have configured any business mail. You can also send mail in this module.


You can easily manage employee attendance, review payroll, income tax, performance reports, and download and print these documents.

System Setting

You can set up email protocols, auto-approval, and manage push notifications. You can also create automatic backups and restore.

Pricing & Plans

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